Would you like to become an Affiliate Member of this Famous Rats of Tobruk Association.

As a Member of this Famous Association, you would be Honouring your Ancestors Service to the Nation and assisting in furthering Their Memories and the Traditions of this Unique Association, into the future. Through your Membership, you would also be entitled to a ROTA Lapel Badge and the Tobruk House News (THN), the Association Newsletter.

The Association relies on the Subscriptions of Affiliate Members  and Generous Donations to function as an Association. Rats of Tobruk are no longer required to pay Membership Subs and nor should they be. We are pleased to have some of them still with us today, and it is up to us Affiliate Members to ensure their remaining years are supported to whatever extent we can provide. After all, they made this Association what it is today and Tobruk House is the only Meeting House, or, Rat Hole, as it is affectionately known, that was owned outright and operated by Rats of Tobruk, in Australia and, perhaps the World. This is the Last Remaining Active Rats of Tobruk Association, in Australia and the World. Apart from our Family Connections, this, in itself, is a good enough reason, to assist in keeping this Association active and functioning, in Honour of the Memory of our Rats of Tobruk.

At the Discretion of the Executive Committee, Affiliate Membership may be granted to Certified Descendants or Relatives of a Rat of Tobruk, who are 18 years of age and over.

If you are interested in joining the Association, please provide your Details and Submit this eForm, so that we can send you a ROTA Affiliate Membership Application Form, to your Email Address (preferred) or to your postal address.

For those who do not have Email, please send your request for a Membership Form to: The Secretary of ROTA, Tobruk House, 44 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, 3206.







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