Tobruk Summary

Siege of Tobruk

The Siege of Tobruk – a brief summary.

The Siege of Tobruk began on 10th April, 1941 and continued until 10th December 1941, when the 2/13th Battalion, 20th Brigade, 9th Division AIF, the last remaining Unit in Tobruk, fought their way out of Tobruk, eventually joining up with the advancing 8th British Army. The remainder of the 9th Division AIF had left Tobruk in September and October, 1941. After having served over 240 days of fighting in the Tobruk Garrison, they were relieved by the 8th British Army, on 27th November, 1941. They retired to Palestine and Syria for Rest, Reinforcements and Training, before becoming involved in the Final Defeat of the Axis Forces at El Alamein in 1942.

This was the Longest Siege in British Military History.

“Their real Monument is their Name and their most Honoured Resting Place, is in the Grateful Hearts of their Fellow Men”.

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