Acknowledgments and Thanks

My rats of Tobruk Project could not have been created and maintained, without the valued assistance and efforts of many people.

I acknowledge and thank the following people in particular, and I apologize to anyone who may have provided assistance in any way who I may have omitted from this document.

First and foremost, I must acknowledge the extreme patience of my loving Wife, Maurveen, who suffered long periods of Loneliness during the course of this Project, for which I sincerely Love and Thank her dearly. Tasks such as these, are never easy, if you do not have the Support of a Good Woman, supporting you in the background.

I acknowledge the great efforts of our Late Presidents, Mr Alan Eldridge, and Mr Ron Williamson, for their years of Service to ROTA Victoria. My thanks also go to the Current President Mr Robert Semple OAM.

My sincere thanks, to Mrs Nance Ormsby, President Ladies Aux, Mrs Rayda Noble, Coordinator of Junior Rats, Mr Hugh Williams, Ex Editor of Tobruk House News, the Current Editor of the THN, Mr Graham Gibson, the Membership Officer, Mr Mike Kiernan, Mr Alastair Davison Sec 2/24th Bn Association, Helen & Myra Schiele Sec 2/23rd Bn Association, Heather Stepanavicius (MacFarlane) Sec 2/4th AGH, Late - Steve Rowan, Sec 2/15 Bn Association Remembrance Club, Coral Reynolds Sec 2/1st AFW, Glenda Garde Sec 2/5th Field Ambulance, and Mr Ken Butterworth, Ex President of ROTMP&D Band and his Wife Mary, who have helped me by

providing information about Members, and other matters, which were sometimes difficult to obtain from other sources.

In more recent times - Joan and Walter Soroka (2/43 & 2/48 Bn SA), Craig Proctor (Vic), Don Mackrill (TAS), Veronica Scott-Killner (WA), Phil McWilliams & DarrenWarren, 2/28 Bn Association (WA) and Roger Murphy (QLD); all incredible contributors and Supporters of the Project.

Thank you everyone for your valued support and assistance of my Rats of Tobruk Project.

I thank Mr Mark Callaghan, of Bellmark Consulting Pty Ltd™ for the early Hosting of this Web Site.

I thank my Grand Son, Mr Thomas Callaghan, for his skills and knowledge applied in the Structure of this Web Site.