Project ROTA


Project ROTA, by Owen Carlton, A Proud Aussie Nasho & ROTA Affiliate, N0003.


The purpose behind my development of the ROTA Membership Database and its subsequent publication on this Web Site, is to allow the Basic Details of these Famous Members of, originally, the RATS of TOBRUK Association, Inc, Victoria, and in more recent times,  All States of Australia, to be viewable by their Descendants, Relatives and Other Interested Friends of the RATS of Tobruk.

This is now a National ROTA Membership Database and Web Site; the Web Site being the only one of its type in the World.

Should you have a need to query any existing record or to seek the addition of a new record, please contact the Author by the Email Address found in the Contacts Menu. I am only too pleased to assist in any way I can - This is what I do.

It would be of great assistance if you could ensure that the Individual you are communicating about, has His Service Record digitized at the National Archives of Australia (NAA), so that He can be Verified as being a Rat of Tobruk. There is a Charge by NAA to provide this service.

It is of the highest importance, that these valuable Records be made as accurate and complete as is possible, from information that is currently available or which becomes available and that which may be provided by Descendants, Relatives and Interested Viewers.

Your assistance in this area will be very much appreciated.

If you are a Descendant or Relative of, a Rat of Tobruk, or, of a Fallen Rat of Tobruk, you are eligible to apply for Affiliate Membership of the Rats of Tobruk Association, Inc, Victoria. Please use the Membership Interest Form found in the Membership Menu of the Website.

Affiliate Members (Descendants and Relatives), are the ones who hold the Memories of the Rats of Tobruk and Responsibility for the Future of this Unique Association in their hands and, who can ensure through Affiliate Membership, that the Traditions of the Rats of Tobruk and their Association is carried forward into the Future >>>>>>>>>.

Let us ALL help to Keep The FLAME Burning, in Memory of All Rats of Tobruk.