Notice of Changes:

30/06/2017:::::  The Database now has 17,075 Records, which contain, 13,478 Rats, in Two Sections; Veterans who Returned, 10,960, and Fallen, who still hold Sacred Ground on or near the Battle Fields they fought at, 2,518. In addition, there are 1,121 POWs listed, along with 574 Affiliate Members (Descendants/Relatives/Special).

Due to the complex criteria involved in the research of Service Records, it is not possible to guarantee that all Rats of Tobruk, Fallen or POWs, have been included in this Database or that every record is actually that of a Rat of Tobruk; based on their Unit, Enlistment Date, arrival Date in the Middle East, and his movements during the Siege of Tobruk Period, for their particular Unit. More specifically, the lack of Verification of Service for some Individuals is due to the fact that Documented Evidence is not available to confirm their Service, based on the required criteria.

It would be most helpful if Descendants and Relatives of a Rat of Tobruk could see their way clear to have the Service Records of their Rat of Tobruk made viewable online at NAA, over being able to provide other forms of documented evidence, thereby allowing the Verification process to be performed.

Your request to NAA can be performed by Email ( )

E & O E - If you have concerns for any record appearing on this Web Site, or if you think I have missed a Rat of Tobruk Veteran, Fallen Rat or POW Rat, please contact the Author, Owen Carlton, by Email ( ) with the relevant details of your concern. I will be only too pleased to assist in any way I can.

We do have a high number of Blank Cells shown for Deceased Date of Rats - Help is needed to fill these Blank Cells with the correct Full Date of Death, for completion of a record.

ROTA Inc encourages all Descendants and Relatives of a Rat of Tobruk to apply for Affiliate Membership of ROTA Inc, to Honour his Memory and Service to Country, and, To Keep The FLAME Burning, in Memory of All Rats of Tobruk. Please Email me ( ) for an Application Form or fill in the eForm located in the Membership Menu of this Web Site.

We need as many Affiliate Members to direct the same degree of Responsibility toward keeping this Unique Association Alive and Functioning into the Future, as did their Ancestor Rats, in being the first Troops to beat the Germans on Land and then the Japanese on Land, in WW2.

You may not be aware - ROTA Inc is still Fully Active and Fully Functioning, and with the assistance of Affiliate Members, is intended to remain so.

I have Made and Lit the Torch; It is now up to the Descendants and Relatives of our Rats (All Generations who are over 18 years of age), to carry this Torch to a Far Distant Finish Line -  In Memory of the Rats of Tobruk - Let us All, Keep the FLAME Burning, in Memory of All Rats of Tobruk.

This Association must Never be allowed to Fade and Die, as others have done in the past.

Remember the Rats of Tobruk Motto - "No Surrender" and "What We Have - We Hold"

Affiliates Together in Honour.

Owen Carlton

A Proud Nasho & ROTA Affil N0003



24/12/2014:::::  There is a New Merchandising Page added to promote items we are selling.



A new Membership Interest Form is now provided under the Menu, "Membership"

If you are interested in Affiliate Membership, please use this Form by filling in the required details, Check the Boxes and Click the Submit Button.

The receiver of this Form will reply with your Affiliate Membership Application Form.


New Financial Affiliate Members of ROTA Inc Face Book Group (Closed for Security)


Affiliate Members, upon joining ROTA Inc, are invited to join this Special Face Book Group, using the same name as you used on your Membership Application Form (Not an Alias) to share your stories, photos and to enjoy the company of Fellow Affiliates.

ROTA Inc welcomes your suggestions, but suggestions for ROTA Inc, should be addressed to the Secretary at Tobruk House, 44 Victoria Ave, Albert Park, 3206

Make the most of your Membership of this Unique Association.